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Best practices and recent advances in the management of worsening heart failure (EM demo)

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This activity is supported by an independent educational grant from Bayer AG, Germany.

Expert discussion

In this educational activity, Dr Javed Butler, Dr Carolyn Lam, Dr Burkert Pieske, and Dr Shelley Zieroth will provide you with insights on worsening heart failure, including its challenges in clinical practice. In an engaging discussion, the leading experts will address:

  • Worsening heart failure and its burden on patients’ quality of life
  • Updates on clinical guidelines on worsening heart failure and current recommendations for current background therapy in heart failure
  • Key outcomes of clinical trials in heart failure relevant to worsening heart failure
  • Follow-up of worsening heart failure, including relevant guideline recommendations

Tap the images below to explore the expert discussion webcast.






Interactive patient cases

Tap the images below to explore two interactive patient cases providing practical guidance on the clinical management of an acute event of worsening heart failure and on the clinical management of a patient in the follow-up period after a worsening heart failure event.



Interactive infographic

Explore the supporting infographic that provides an overview of the importance of worsening events in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction, including key aspects of its clinical management.

Tap the image below to view the interactive infographic.