About Ology

Ology is a Global Provider of Independent Medical Education

We create high-quality independent continuing medical education (CME) programs based on real clinical practice gaps and in-depth scientific and medical expertise.

We apply the latest thinking in adult learning and instructional design to develop high-impact educational experiences. We deliver these programs through the right channels, to ensure we reach more healthcare professionals, more effectively.

Our mission: To provide healthcare professionals with high-quality, trusted independent medical education to address gaps in clinical practice, effecting measurable educational impact and resulting in improved patient care.

How we do this: We develop CME programs by first identifying and providing insight into unmet educational needs and clinical practice gaps among potential healthcare-professional learners.

We then relate those needs to optimal clinical practice, and tailor our educational interventions on the basis of input from leading independent medical experts and utilization of proven adult-learning methodologies for maximum educational impact.

We partner with medical societies and the world’s largest medical publishers like Wolters Kluwer to maximize the reach of our educational initiatives by utilizing their online (journal) platforms.

Ology is an Adelphi in Healthcare Communications company.

Our approach

Ology is committed to delivering impactful educational experiences to healthcare professionals through their preferred digital formats and channels, as well as through live engagement.

If you want to learn more about Ology or about sponsoring independent medical education programs for healthcare professionals, please email us.

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