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Friday, 24 May 2019

9:00Welcome and introduction
Carlo Alviggi (Italy) and Peter Humaidan (Denmark)
9:15Welcome lecture – Healthcare: a universal need
Antoine Abu-Musa (Lebanon)
Session I
Moving away from earth: lessons from the gonadotropins system

Chairs: Carlo Alviggi (Italy) and Robert Fischer (Germany)
9:40Real-time voting app
9:50Gonadotropins during natural cycles: the galaxy we know
Manuela Simoni (Italy)
10:15Follicular waves during the natural cycle: rationale for double ovarian stimulation
Filippo Maria Ubaldi (Italy)
10:40Refreshment break
11:00Relative theory of gonadotropins deficiency in COS: the natural space for LH supplementation
Peter Humaidan (Denmark)
11:25Impact of genetics on ovarian sensitivity: the black hole of COS
Alessandro Conforti (Italy)
11:50The relativity theory of ovarian aging
Ernesto Bosch (Spain)
12:15Revisiting real-time voting app
Session II
Flying through the stars: the impact of patient segmentation on therapeutic strategies

Chairs: Michaël Grynberg (France) and Peter Humaidan (Denmark)
14:15Real-time voting app
14:25The periodic comet of POR: the novel POSEIDON classification
Sandro Esteves (Brazil)
14:50Orbiting around clinical practice: is there a role for LH in POSEIDON groups 1 and 2?
Carlo Alviggi (Italy)
15:15The planet of low ovarian reserve: how can we best manage POSEIDON groups 3 and 4?
Robert Fischer (Germany)
15:40Refreshment break
16:00The meteor shower of PCOS: potential role of AMH and AMH isoforms
Claus Andersen (Denmark)
16:25The nebula of impaired oocyte maturation: is the dual triggering an option?
Raoul Orvieto (Israel)
16:50Revisiting real-time voting app
17:50Concluding remarks for Day 1
Peter Humaidan (Denmark)

Saturday 25 May 2019

Session III
A new universe to explore: new medical trends in ART

Chairs: Claus Andersen (Denmark) and Sandro Esteves (Brazil)
9:30Real-time voting app
9:40Ovarian reserve tests: are we ready to move to objective criteria?
Renato Fanchin (France)
10:05Ovarian reserve evaluation: beyond the galaxy of ART
Fulvio Zullo (Italy)
10:30New strategies for preventing the LH surge during stimulation: an unexplored system?
Evangelos Papanikolaou (Greece)
10:55Ovulation triggering: the big bang of an adequate luteal phase
Peter Humaidan (Denmark)
11:20Revisiting real-time voting app
12:20Concluding remarks
Carlo Alviggi (Italy)
12:30Adjournment and lunch

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