Novel treatment strategies for upper-tract urothelial cancer

This activity is supported by an independent educational grant from UroGen Pharma, Inc.



Welcome to Novel treatment strategies for upper-tract urothelial cancer (UTUC), a learning program with four independent activities.

The choice of treatment options for patients with low-grade UTUC has recently expanded, with the arrival of novel kidney-sparing chemoablation strategies offering an alternative to traditional surgical treatments such as radical nephroureterectomy.

This program provides participants with the latest evidence-based guidance and expert views on:

  • Staging, grading, and risk stratification in UTUC, with practical advice on implementation in clinical practice
  • Current treatment options, including the rationale
    and mechanism of action of kidney-sparing chemoablation strategies
  • The latest clinical efficacy and safety data on new kidney-sparing approaches, and the risk/benefit profile in relation to traditional surgical treatments
  • The implications of the new data and new treatment approaches for the day-to-day clinical management of patients with low-grade UTUC

The roundtable discussion and the interactive patient case will be independently accredited.